Voices of the Philippines

Since the last blog I have finished two books and started my fourth book recently. According to my calculations that means that I'm on track for my reading goal this semester. My goal was to read at least five books per semester to build my stamina and expand my vocabulary. I currently have a SAT prep class and on english days I read twenty minutes at the beginning of class. Then I read another 20 minutes in APLAC. And on top of that I read at least thirty minutes before I go to bed. I'm proud of my process in reading and I can tell that I have improved since my last book blog in September because I've reached out of my comfort zone more. When it comes to books I used to generally just read young adult fiction books but nowadays I've been challenging myself more often. I've challenged myself by finishing two books from completely different genres that I would normally read. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued and captivated by every page I turned in…

House of Complexions

If I like a book enough I'd usually finish it in one week. But if I'm hooked on a book I'd easily complete it in one sitting. It's just in my nature to want to know what's going to happen next. In my opinion I feel like I'm a very picky reader. I know it's a bad thing and I'm trying to change that but I also know what I like and I read it. The thing is, I'm limiting myself from all the great literature that the world has to provide. For once, I got out of my comfort zone and read a historical fiction novel. I took a risk choosing to read The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. In the end I think I made the right decision because I finished this 368 page book in a week.

The topic of race can be a very sensitive topic to many people. Depending on one's appearance, cultural background, and beliefs he/she might experience or be treated differently than others. If race is a social construct why does humanity let it define them? Oftentimes I let how o…

The Proud and The Prejudiced

Welcome back to my blog! Since my last blog post, I have been branching out of my comfort zone by reading a historical fiction for my AP title book. To my surprised I actually enjoyed the novel but I'll go into depth about it later. Another update involving my reading life is that I've been catching up on my anticipated recent released books for this year. For example, I finished one of my anticipated release book called Forever and Always, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. It was such a great ending to the triology and difinitely would reccomend as a light, easy summer read. As of this moment, I have read a total of 1,009 pages and the time spand of a few weeks and I'm proud of myself. Especially considering being respondible for school and extracurricular activities. I've been finding myself reading a lot more outside of class and that adds up so due to my calculations I read about 315 minutes a week including IRT.  

The iconic, infamous classic called Pride and Prejudice …

Thirteen Reasons Why

Since the last blog, I have been really good with keeping up with my goals. I've been making more time to read outside of school. Therefore I've already finished one book due to this goal which is progress. The book that I finished is called Thirteen Reasons Whyby Jay Asher.
This book has recently gotten a lot of attention and praise because of the new Netflix tv show adaptation of the book. Even though the tv show is only based off the book, they both share something in common. That they both teach a valuable lesson of how our actions and words can have an effect on others. "No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes we, have no clue. Yet we push it just the same." (156). This quote infers how people aren't aware of their impact on others until it's too late. It alludes to Hannah's suicide in the book and oftentimes situations similar to this happen in real life. Where only if someone were cautious of…

The Life of a Reader

Welcome to my reading blog! I'm An Nguyen and a sophomore at Hebron High School. I'm also low key a book nerd and kinda ashamed to admit it but if it makes me happy, what's wrong with it? Just recently I went to a book convention and saw so many inspirational authors that I look up to. It was such a great experience and I recommend going to a book convention before you die. You don't even have to be a book lover you just have to be open-minded. I learned and stored so much wise knowledge at that convention that school could have never taught.
   My passion for reading has started from the beginning of time. The earliest memory that I could recall was in the third grade I checked out this one book called Amelia's Notebook from my school library and instantly fell in love. I was so obsessed to the point where I made my dad buy a copy of it for me so I can reread it whenever I wanted. (I still have the same copy to this day) Anyway, this book had made such an impa…